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Head trauma 5 years ago
Dude, you would pass out from blood loss just trying to get that thing up!
black 13 years ago
stupid guys whens the last time u saw a strap on cum
Poop 11 years ago
Thats an anaconda right there!
lily 10 years ago
Very very saxy
lol 13 years ago
My dauhter has that bed set. :)
that guy 13 years ago
u think she knows? she iss blond so idk haha
Mikky75 1 year ago
The Dildoman
lol 12 years ago
so fake....
bkisfromtexas 13 years ago
the chick looks drunk in the video
scott 13 years ago
fake as hell! if that was a real dick he would be in guiness book. and why is it the he constantly has to hold the base? oh yeah cause its just a black guy with a strap on!.... watch his facial expressions while she's giving him head! fake as hell!