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Lol 6 years ago
Smallest cum shot ever ahahah so anticlimactic
Deeper 2 years ago
@ 8 min she's leaning back for reverse cowgirl and takes it balls deep but at 8:30 he makes her sit straight up and she's not even close.
Make em sit straight up and take it
smh 6 years ago
i kno that shit was hurting her pussy dry as fuck.
Hung 3 years ago
When you're big you need porn like this.
Just nailed a Vegas stripper who wasn't expecting what she got. Tapped out
give me bbc 5 years ago
Am I the only girl that will fuck a black guy
3 years ago
Most disappointing cumshot ever
Fgh 6 years ago
I like having a sexy with white girls
3 years ago
Am I the only one that hates his breathing? HAAAA SSSSSS HAAAAAA SSSSSS HHHHHA SSSSSSSS
3 years ago
I bet that cock loves trying to stretch his big cock inside her..I want to try taking a dip or 2 of it in me....
3 years ago
That cock needs 2 pussies. I want to watch it balls deep inside another pussy. That poor cock needs fucked all the way to his balls... I would let him try to very slowly in mine so his big dig can get all wet