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Poker 5 years ago
Stick a pin in those inflated ass cheeks and watch her fly around the room.
Dalover55 3 years ago
Shit Lela looks good to me I don't give a damn if it's fake or real she fine
@paul 5 years ago
You still jacked off tho
@Paul 5 years ago
Because ass enhancements look fucking stupid if the leg/thigh to ass ratio is like 1:200 You look nasty walking around with skinny legs and a fat fake ass
Yuck 5 years ago
She looks disgusting
Ella 5 years ago
What's his name???
Kelly 5 years ago
She looks disgusting now
Gross. 5 years ago
So fake. She's beyond hideous now.
Sussy 5 years ago
Who is HE??!!
3 years ago
She looks absolutely gross! Couldn’t even watch it. Fake FACE, fake ASS, FAKE TITS, fake Hair... chick is 100% PLASTIC.